Mini Virtual Show

The Ontario Wood Carvers Association’s “Mini Virtual Show”

The OWCA Executive is embarking on a new offering…the development and presentation of a Virtual Woodcarving event and show.
This idea is based on our desire to continue to bring together Woodcarvers…to keep us all connected even though we might not be able to meet in person.  Plus, we all like to show off our creations and with limited or no opportunity to do that recently, why not show off our work on the website?
Whatever form our final Virtual Show takes, we want to ensure that we keep things simple and just have some fun.  It will be a zero cost undertaking with no admission fees, no travel costs for any of us and no substantial prizes other than the recognition from other carvers and general members of the public.
So, let’s get involved by sharing our ideas and by getting your Clubs interested in participating in the new year.


We asked you to help us Judge our initial trial…and you did!

Sixty people voted for their selection of People’s Choice Award, and congratulations go too…

Carving #6 created by Kevin Reid

Congratulations to Kevin and thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and help us on our learning curve.  Look for information on this website and in the next edition of the Ontario Woodcarver for direction on how you can submit your entries and photos for our upcoming Virtual Woodcarving Show.
And special thanks to the following carvers for displaying their carvings ( photo number indicated ) in our Mini-Virtual Wood Show…
  1. Anne Engelhardt
  2. Kevin Reid
  3. Lloyd Thomas
  4. Lloyd Thomas
  5. Lloyd Thomas
  6. Kevin Reid
  7. Mark Sheridan
  8. Murray Lincoln