Ontario Woodcarver Magazine

In 1978, after the first International Carving Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, about a dozen or so carvers led by the late Norman Tarver came together and decided to form a carving club. This was the beginning of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association. After that first meeting Norman issued a two page newsletter. That newsletter was the beginning of the Ontario Woodcarver Magazine. 
The two page newsletter slowly grew over time and by our 30th anniversary had become a full colour edition.  In 2011, the magazine format was changed into that which we all enjoy today.  We are proud to have all issues in our archive – a wonderful reflection of the past decades. 
Beginning with issue # 268, Winter 2013, an on-line version of the magazine was created.   When you become a member of OWCA, you are able to access the Member’s Only section on the Home Page where you can read the complete magazine on-line and access past editions.
The Ontario Woodcarver Magazine
  • Hone your woodcarving skills
  • Be inspired by carving ideas
  • Learn expert techniques
  • Stay informed with reviews of tools and products
  • Keep track of carving events in Ontario
  • Connect with fellow carvers
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Ontario Woodcarver Magazine is $25 per year ( including S&H, Canada only ) or free with your annual $40 OWCA membership.

You will find that each full-colour edition of the Ontario Woodcarver Magazine contains…
  • photographs
  • technical tips & techniques
  • carving tips & patterns
  • historical & contemporary carvings
  • events of interest
  • tool descriptions & introductions
  • reports on competitions, seminars & workshops
  • special interest articles
  • pattern making
  • step-by-step instructions