With Ontario Woodcarver Magazine you will:

  • Hone your woodcarving skills
  • Be inspired by carving ideas
  • Learn expert techniques
  • Stay informed with reviews of tools and products
  • Keep track of carving events in Ontario
  • Connect with fellow carvers


In 1978, after the first International Carving Competition at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, about a dozen or so carvers, led by the late Norman Tarver, came together and decided to form a carving club. This was the beginning of the Ontario Wood Carvers Association. After that first meeting Norman issued a two page newsletter. And that was the beginning of the publication what today we know as the Ontario Woodcarver magazine. 

From the two pager, it grew to, three, four than it got a hard cover and started to look like a magazine, even if it was very thin at first. Then came the first colour cover including 16 pages. By our 30th anniversary it was a full colour edition. We were aiming to archive a small but continuous improvement, but in 2011, by the effort of our professional editors, Anne Shelton and Alyssa Diamond the magazine went through on a tremendous transformation and that is what you can enjoy today. We are proud that we have all issues in our Archive – a wonderful reflection of the past decades. 

With issue # 268 Winter 2013 we started to create an on-line version of the magazine. If you are a member of OWCA, go to the Member’s option where you can read the complete magazine on-line.


Ontario Woodcarver Magazine is $25 per year, or free with your annual $40 OWA membership.

Including S&H, Canada only

Each full-colour edition of our Association’s “Ontario Woodcarver Magazine” is full of:

  • photographs
  • technical tips & techniques
  • carving tips & patterns
  • historical & contemporary carvings
  • events of interest
  • tool descriptions & introductions
  • reports on competitions, seminars & workshops
  • special interest articles
  • pattern making
  • step-by-step instructions